Why Bespoke?

OK, so here’s the deal. Lots and lots of companies call their product or service bespoke because a part of it is tailor-made to the individual client.


For example, a company selling kitchen furniture may describe their product as using ‘bespoke kitchen doors’ but when you drill down into the details, what they’re actually selling is a range of kitchen doors in standard sizes painted to the colour of your choice. Nothing wrong with that and we are by no means trying to criticise but what we mean by bespoke is as follows:

  1. You say what you want in your home and we design it to your exact specifications. This means you can have your cabinets, doors, worktops and splash backs in whatever sizes and configurations you wish.  Most companies work to a range or a set cabinet size.  We don’t.  You can have whatever you like, in whatever size, materials, colours and finish you like.

2. Your new bespoke kitchen is designed to complement your lifestyle. This means if you love having lots of noisy parties your kitchen space will reflect this. Similarly, if you have five small children we’ll take this into account when we design your new kitchen. A bespoke service will give you a space designed and made for you and your family.

3. We make the kitchen to fit your space (not the other way around where a range of standard sized cabinets are fitted into a space leaving gaps or filler panels all over the place).  This means you should have no wasted space in your kitchen unless you specify it for the purposes of design.  You come first in our process, the design comes next.

4. Bespoke also filters through into the service we provide. We’re not a massive company so the lead designer and director (James Emerson) works with his production team to ensure everything is made as you wish.  This extends to our small team of fitters who, again, install your furniture to your specification.  By keeping our operation small, nothing should ever be lost in translation.

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